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Diversity of the world’s population The WritePass Journal

Assorted variety of the world’s populace Presentation Assorted variety of the world’s populace IntroductionTranscultural NursingThe Culture Care Diversity and Universality Theory by Madeleine LeiningerThe Sunrise EnablerThe Ethno-nursing MethodHolistic Nursing PracticeThe Theory of Environmental Adaptation by Florence NightingaleTranscultural Nursing versus All encompassing Nursing PracticeConclusionRelated Presentation Assorted variety of the world’s populace has arrived at a point where it is crucial to deliver and all the more significantly to comprehend, the regularly developing test that transcultural nursing stances to the nursing calling. Tending to this issue maintains a strategic distance from segregation and advances balance inside comprehensive nursing practice so as to address patients’ issues. Medicinal services experts ought to be able to convey, every day, capable consideration and delicate talented correspondence to socially various people (Maier-Lorentz, 2008). To practice proficient nursing in a reasonable manner all encompassing nursing care centers around physical, enthusiastic, social, ecological and profound viewpoints just as on the possibility that any individual associated with treatment care ought to be treated all in all and with nobility (Dossey Guzzetta, 2005). One of the zones to be talked about is Transcultural Nursing and Leininger’s Transcultural Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality and its examination empowering agents: the Sunrise Enabler and the Ethnonursing Method. Another territory will be Holistic Nursing Practice and Nightingale’s Nursing Theory of Environmental Adaptation just as the contact between Transcultural Nursing and Holistic Nursing Practice. Nightingale’s hypothesis has been picked over others since she was the first to recognize nurses’ work in a hypothetical system and furthermore on the grounds that she was viewed as the mother of nursing rehearses (Ellis, 2008). The advancement of culture care hypothesis brought medicinal services experts into another nursing measurement shaped by issues, for example, culture foundation, otherworldliness, condition and others that exhibited how culture and social insurance are connected (Leininger, 2002a). All encompassing Nursing Practice energizes dynamic correspondence and proportional comprehension, underlines the activity of physiological and psychosocial mindfulness, it depends on sensible reasoning and supports esteems, for example, self-sufficiency and patient wishes and inclinations (MacKinnon, 2010). Transcultural Nursing Transcultural nursing might be characterized as a technique to differentiate and see how people see human services, one-sided by their way of life foundation. The standards of rehearsing transcultural nursing are to give total nursing care to people or gatherings by approaching them with deference and considering their social components. It is tied in with nursing practice applied to social qualities and confinements (Leininger, 1991). Meanings of transcultural nursing join numerous elements that shape the individual’s social direction. These incorporate are age, sexual direction and money related angles. It has been proposed that by overlooking these culture foundation factors, medicinal services experts don't accomplish enough social experience to be joined in all encompassing nursing practice (Barnes et al. 2000). This nonattendance may prompt hazardous nursing care and both disappointed patients and experts (Curren, 2006 refered to in Leininger McFarland, 2006, pp.159-160). To advance transcultural nursing care, Narayan (2001) felt that there are four significant mentalities to accept mindful, compassion, receptiveness and adaptability. This shows the patients a social getting, gratefulness, thought and ability from human services experts that depend on singular consideration. Social instruction and the formation of socially able consideration experts are probably the greatest test yet to handle around the world. For example, in America, as the vagrant populace increments outstandingly so it does the requirement for decreasing disparities and boundaries, for example, language. Maier-Lorentz (2008) immovably comprehended that such a need could be met by the focusing of bilingual social insurance experts originating from various foundations. In addition, she proposed that so as to give socially capable nursing care, some information on non-vocal correspondence signs could be of extraordinary worth, for what it's worth in eye to eye connection, contact, quietness, space and separation, and human services propensities. Green-Hernandez (2004) suggested that as a stage towards multicultural competency, experts that need to manage ranchers ought to acclimate themselves with their particular traditions, for example, utilizing animal medicine for their own conditions as an outcome of living far away from the consideration organizations. To get culture, Andrews Boyle (1997) gave out various outlines. For instance, they proposed that by understanding a people’s axioms, experts may get a handle on information on the social qualities shared by that populace. The creators likewise focused on the significance of culture information when running over two unique approaches to see taking. For one culture it may not be worthy though for another, for example wanderer individuals, it might be alright, as long as it is originating from a superior off individual. Besides, they additionally found, through specialists, that various societies may feel that by being a requesting quiet, the treatment they get may improve. Riley (2004) revealed that a preeminent test for medical attendants in an ethnically extraordinary society is correspondence. Words as well as tone and volume structure spoken correspondence which in assorted societies varies significantly. For instance, Thai individuals are viewed as not going on and on as they trust it is an indication of foolishness though Cuban individuals are content with talking vociferously. He likewise called attention to that Europeans are not terrified of discussing feelings though Asians are reluctant to do as such. Concerning correspondence without words Riley (2004) clarified that eye to eye connection isn't constantly anticipated. For examples, in Native America and Asian societies it is hostile and among Muslim Arab ladies it is permitted uniquely to their spouses. In this manner, he recognized the significance for human services experts to be socially mindful. Phillimore (2011) investigated the test of arrangement of assorted variety needs in the UK dependent on considers done on human services administration arrangement to new vagrants, during 2007/08 in Birmingham. She expressed that with political powers needing to diminish government assistance support for new transients, such arrangement turns out to be a significant test. She likewise accepted that, over the long haul, this dismissing of social insurance needs will prompt further issues for the medicinal services framework that in any case could be kept away from by simply giving what is required now: social and language administrations and wellbeing support. It was additionally proposed that in today’s political atmosphere offering of ethnically explicit arrangement by the network and for the network, brings about the nearby needs not being met, as the current GP frameworks are as of now overstretched. She inferred that various transients are sentenced to an unwelcoming future since UK appears to grasp an inclination of hostile to vagrant assessment and a transition to network foundation rather than multicultural arrangement (Phillimore, 2011). The Culture Care Diversity and Universality Theory by Madeleine Leininger In the 1950’s Madeleine Leininger, a medical attendant anthropologist, understood that nursing practice was requiring a hypothesis to permit individuals to change nursing into a further developed and useful order that provokes medical attendants to open up to social assortment and all inclusiveness (Leininger, 2006). This was created as a reaction to the interest for multicultural consideration which was monstrous but then inadequate the same number of social insurance frameworks didn't think about the requirement for uniting society and nursing care (Giger Davidhizar, 2008). The way of life care assorted variety and all inclusiveness hypothesis created by Leininger in 1991 (Leininger, 2002a) is one of a kind in that it centers around equipped consideration, can be utilized upon any culture and is put together with respect to people as well as gatherings and families as well. The hypothesis tends to the significance of a reliable social capability instrument to get social mindfulness through a steady learning demeanor and endorsement towards human contrasts and rights by medicinal services experts (Burford, 2001, refered to in Baxter, 2001, pp. 202-203). Leininger (2002a) demanded the significance of transcultural information as a device to maintain a strategic distance from human acts, for example, the occasion of September 11, 2001. She at that point proposed the way of life care hypothesis as the most comprehensive way to deal with slowly change the wellbeing framework. This truly necessary change requires comprehension of people in manners that distinguish and regard their social foundation and will lead us to see such transcultural consternation. The hypothesis was utilized in an examination among Hispanic home consideration patients in the US, 2007, so as to distinguish social needs. Accordingly, care conveyance improved in certain territories and there was a recommendation portraying the utilization of the model as a device to decrease costs in the social insurance framework (Woerner et al. 2009). Leininger’s hypothesis applies not exclusively to races from various foundations yet additionally to today’s disputable gatherings, for example, transgendered individuals, crippled individuals , the adolescent, destitution and the destitute that may represent a specific level of trouble of comprehension to human services experts. There is likewise an understanding that, on account of Leininger’s culture care hypothesis, the nursing calling today realizes how to take into consideration culture when taking care of people and has a generally spreadâ caring way of thinking in medical clinics (Clarke et al. 2009). For this model to help the social insurance expert to comprehend factors as significant as the executives and strategies, just as having the option to think about their choices and activities, Leininger planned two

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Riordan Manufacturing

Riordan Manufacturing Riordan PAGE * MERGEFORMAT 1Riordan ManufacturingJ.Enriquez, R.Graves, and G.SweattMGT/3603/15/11Vicki BauerAbstractThis paper will sum up destinations, targets, and projects distinguished as significant for Riordan Manufacturing to improve its supportability rehearses. Applicable innovations, techniques, items, and practices will be distinguished. At that point, a money saving advantage examination will be performed on the proposed arrangements. At last, the three accepted procedures that Riordan Manufacturing should execute will be identified.Riordan ManufacturingRiordan Manufacturing might want to utilize supportability activities. Since funds are critical to the accomplishment of the organization, however the toughness of every activity, it is imperative to think about the expense of the execution against the potential prizes. There are a few procedures that will permit Riordan to decrease vitality reliance, all the more appropriately discard squander, and reduce their general un favorable effect on the earth while setting aside cash in the process.Objectives and ProgramsRiordan Manufacturing would profit vigorously from executing manageability initiatives.Riordan Mansion, FlagstaffThis was made to answer the administration demand logged by Hugh McCauley, COO of Riordan. The orders of this administration demand were additionally point by point by Maria Trinh, CIO of Riordan. In a notice dated September 10, 2004, she stated:The essential objectives of the venture are:* Document current environment* Forecast of business innovation needs in next five years* Recommendations on frameworks incorporation, acquisitions and consolidationsBased on these objectives, the Operations office has distinguished territories of Riordan's business that will yield a noteworthy cost advantage whenever modified and improved:* insufficient data being shared between clients, deals, money, fabricating, and management.* Customers can't put arranges direct without human association at Riordan's workplaces. Clients can't organization during non-business hours at this time.* No constant stock framework. Zero ability to see into completed item and crude material stock...

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I waited waaaay too long to get a new computer

I waited waaaay too long to get a new computer My old computer and I had a complicated relationship. We spent three years together, and they were three of the most formative years of my life. I bought my computer off eBay in 2015, right before going off to college. A secondhand Lenovo ThinkPad T420. 4.78 pounds, supposedly indestructible, and according to the Internet a solid development machine. It had been retrofitted with an i7 processor, 256 GB of SSD storage, and 16GB of RAM (those are solid specs, in case youre not a computer person) and I paid around $450 for it, which is like way less than what I would have paid for a new computer with comparable specs. Also it ran Windows 7 which was cool because I was not about to use Windows 8. We had some really good moments, my old computer and I. That laptop submitted my first coding pset at MIT and every pset afterwards for three years. It ran my first programs in Python, Java, and C++. It delivered my first internship offer. It was with me the first time I went abroad and has been to as many countries as I have. I trained neural networks, wrote a dynamic language compiler, and designed a poster for my first conference on that laptop. I even composed my first blog post on its screen. It also screened a lot of the Great British Bake Off. There it is while I was working on my costume design homework from a few semesters ago. We definitely had some dicey moments as well. There was the time I dropped it down the back of my bed onto the tile floorand it survived with nary a banged-up battery. Or that time in 6.01 lab (thats the introductory class in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) when someone picked up my computer and walked away with it because it was basically the same model as the ones in the lab. Or the time I tried to install Ubuntu and instead deleted the boot drive (the software that turns on the computer) because I followed stupid advice on the Internet and ended up bricking it, and then had to go to MITs tech support desk who told me that they couldnt fix it and I was out of luck, and then they took it into a back room and came back with it working like new anywayand then I did not attempt to install Ubuntu on it ever again. But recently, the bad moments started to outnumber the good ones. There was the realization that the amazing new Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones that Id gotten from a summer internship would not connect to my much older laptop. Or the time I went to a company info session and was trying to submit the attendance form on my last few percentage points of battery and it look five minutes to boot up and connect to WiFi and then five minutes for the form to load fully and then I hit submit and the computer died. Or the time it took multiple hours to get a simple piece of software (the Heroku CLI, if youre curious) working on Windows for a research projector the time I spent literally ten hours trying to get a piece of hardware to play nice with it for a class projector the time I tried to do some machine learning on it and it took soooooo loooooong to run that I spent the rest of the evening setting up a computer in the cloud instead and I was behind on the rest of the mountain of wo rk I had to door the time I told someone I was an MIT Computer Science student and they shot an incredulous look at my laptop. Finally, last summer, I reached a breaking point. Id spent the summer working with a brand-new itty-bitty laptop for my internship. It was so light that sometimes I had to take off my backpack and check that it was still in there. I went weeks without touching my ThinkPad. And then one day I had to open it to, I dont even remember, buy some plane tickets or send an email or something, and in between picking up the computer, all ~5 pounds of it, and connecting to Gmail (which was a longer period than you might think), I decided that it was time for us to part ways. And sohellooooooooooooooo from my new laptop! Its NEW and it weighs 2.62 POUNDS and it TURNS ON INSTANTLY and it has UBUNTU!!! This is what Ubuntu looks like God its such a relief I cant even tell you. This week, I installed the Heroku CLI (which took like 2 hours with the last laptop) and it took all of two minutes. I almost cried tears of joy. My new machine is a Lenovo Yoga 730 (the newest model :O). Its got an i5 processor with 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM. I bought it new with Best Buys student discount because I didnt want to deal with a refurb. Its also got a touch screen and it folds into a quasi-tablet (hence the name Yoga) but honestly I dont use the feature that much, except for sometimes pretending Im reading papers on an iPad. I went for another Lenovo because people generally seem to like them, and also my Dad and brother recently got new Yoga 720s and seemed to really like them. Also it was way cheaper than a comparable Mac. I think I paid $730 + tax. But getting the new computer was only half the battle in the war for a pain-free development environment. The computer came with Windows 10 as the operating system. Windows is pretty decent for web browsing and making presentations and word editing and stuff, but its not ok for coding. The Windows command line (that little black and green window that you see in 80s movies, which is the primary and most powerful way that software developers interface with the computer) is totally different from the command line of a Mac or Ubuntu computer, which is what most developers use. To the point that on my old ThinkPad, I had installed two different command line programs whose only job was to mimic Ubuntu. To further illustrate, one time for a class I went to a tutorial where the TA was doing an introduction for how to code in C++, and he asked the students what operating system we were using, and I was the only one who had Windows, and he literally just looked at me and said Im sorry. This is what the Windows command line looks like So Step 2 was to dual-boot. Thats where you install two different operating systems on your computerin my case, Windows and Ubuntu. I attempted dual-booting shortly after buying the computer, so that just in case I messed up again I could just do a clean reinstall of Windows without losing anything. But this time, I managed to install Ubuntu without ruining anything!!! There was a lot of trouble-shooting involved, and I made sure I understood what I was doing while I was doing it, but it worked! In fact, Im writing this post from inside my Ubuntu command line. :) (I actually wrote up sort of a guide on how I dual-booted, so I wouldnt forget and so that my brother could use it as a reference. This comes with a STRONG DISCLAIMER that this is quite specific to MY LAPTOP and you should NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS without understanding what you are doing, but in case its helpful and at your own risk heres the guide :D) Also, ironically, Im taking a class on Operating Systems this semester in which I learned intimately why deleting the boot drive last time was such a bad idea. My setup is so much better now. When I need to make a PowerPoint for my communication class or Skype someone (why do people still use Skype?) I open up the Windows part of my laptop. When I want to work on research or technical homework, I open Ubuntu. I often go all day without having to charge. Also, did I mention how fast and light my computer is? Its so thinnnnnn I feel like I should end this post by giving some advice for selecting a good laptop, especially for freshmen who are looking for a good machine to bring with them to college. But honestly, reflecting on my experience with my ThinkPad and my new Yoga, Im not sure what the ideal strategy is for buying a college laptop. On one hand, purchasing an old refurbished computer was maybe not the best idea. Keeping it for so long was definitely not a good idea. I let my old, slow computer, which wasnt really equipped for the work I wanted to do on it, become a daily annoyance almost without realizing it. Even worse, it became an obstacle to doing research and homework efficiently. If youre going to do something hardlike being a Computer Science student at MITyou should give yourself the benefit of having the tools you need to get the job done. On the other hand, dropping a ton of money on a fancy machine before showing up to college, before you really know what youre going to need it for, before youre even sure what youre going to major in, does not seem smart either. Laptops are not cheap. Even my refurb was not cheap, and new machines with good specs can be exorbitant. And there does not seem to be common wisdom as to what kind of computer is ideal for an MIT student. I see a lot of Macs among Computer Science students, whereas I have heard from my friends studying Mechanical Engineering that they really need a Windows computer because design software like SolidWorks only runs on Windows. So I guess my advice would be to defer judgment, if possible. If you have a serviceable computer already, bring that for the first year or so. Or buy a moderately priced machine that you would be ok replacing in 2-3 years if you need to, once you have a better sense of your requirements. You may have noticed that the specs on my new computer are actually worse than those on my old laptop. Im ok with that because after three years of being a CS major, I have a much better sense of what my laptop needs to handle. I actually dont do a ton of intensive computation on my computer. If I need to do something intensive, like training a machine learning model or running a lot of data analysis, I will use my labs high-powered server or I will set up a computer in the cloud using Amazon Web Services. For my daily life, it was more important to me that my computer be light and hold a decent charge and boot up/connect to the Internet in a reasonable time frame and not do weird things like shut do wn randomly in the middle of my homework. Basically, I chose newness over specs. So if youre looking for a new computer, I wish you all the happiness that Im experiencing with mine :) Post Tagged #new computer

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Audrey Flack, Pioneer of Photorealism

Audrey Flack, born May 30, 1931, is an American artist. Her work, primarily painting and sculpture, has placed her at the forefront of pop art and photorealism. Fast Facts: Audrey Flack Full Name:  Audrey L. FlackOccupation: ArtistKnown For: Pioneering the photorealist genre of art, particularly with portrayals of women, everyday objects, and moments in relatively recent history.Born: May 30, 1931 in New York CityNotable Works:  Kennedy Motorcade (1964), Marilyn (Vanitas) (1977), World War II (Vanitas) (1978) Early Life and Education Flack was born in New York City in 1931, in the northern Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights. As a teenager, she attended a specialized arts public institution, the High School of Music and Art. Her formal art education began in 1948, when she began her studies at New York’s Cooper Union. Flack remained there until 1951 and was then recruited to Yale, largely thanks to the influence of German-American artist Josef Albers (who was then in charge of Yale’s art department). While at Yale, Flack continued developing her own style while being influenced by her teachers and mentors. In particular, her early work demonstrated an Abstract Expressionist style in the vein of Albers’ work. Flack graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1952. The following year, she returned to New York and studied art history for a year at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. Abstract to Realism At first, Flack’s work in the 1950s was a clear offshoot of her training with abstract expressionists. She also embraced â€Å"kitschiness† in a self-aware, ironic way. However, as time went on, she began to feel that the abstract expressionist style she was utilizing was not achieving what she felt was an important goal: communicating with audiences. Because of this desire to create art that was clearer to viewers, Flack began moving towards realism. Portrait of artist Audrey Flack sits next to a painting of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy riding in the back of a limousine on the day he was assassinated.   Nancy R. Schiff / Getty Images She enrolled in the Art Students League (ASL), where she studied anatomy under the tutelage of Robert Beverly Hale, and began finding inspiration in artists from past eras rather than more recent movements. Her work began to be categorized in the â€Å"New Realism† movement, and, eventually, shifted all the way into photorealism, in which an artist attempts to reproduce a photographed image as realistically as possible in a different medium. Flack was one of the first students at the ASL to fully embrace photorealism and use photographs as reference for her work. Photorealism, in many ways, is a sister genre to pop art: depicting ordinary, mundane items, often as still-lifes that imitate the realism of photography as closely as possible. In 1966, Flack became the first photorealist painter to have work in the collection at the Museum of Modern Art.   Increased Influence In some cases, Flack’s work moved past the typical still life paintings and depicted historical events. One of her most famous works is Kennedy Motorcade, November 22, 1963, which, as its title suggests, depicts a scene from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Her historical paintings, including her Vanitas works, often featured some kind of socio-political commentary. Her still life paintings often did as well; for instance, her paintings of female-coded items such as makeup and perfume bottles tended to involve some commentary on gender roles and constructs. Portrait of gallery owner Louis Meisel and artist Audrey Flack and her hyper-realist painting of Marilyn Monroe, New York, New York, March 10, 1978. Allan Tannenbaum / Getty Images In the early 1970s, Flack developed a new technique for her paintings. Instead of just using a photograph as a reference, she actually projected it as a slide onto the canvas, then developed an airbrushing technique to create the layers of paint. The 1970s also saw Flack paint her Vanitas series, which depicted everything from jewelry to scenes of WWII concentration camps. By the 1980s, however, Flack had switched her primary medium from painting to sculpture. She is entirely self-taught in sculpture, as opposed to her significant formal training in painting. There are also other significant differences in her sculptural works versus her paintings. For instance, where her paintings focused on ordinary objects or historical scenes, her sculptures tend to depict religious and mythological subjects. For the most part, women are depicted in her sculptures, representing somewhat idealized but imperfect and diverse variations on the female form and femininity itself. Contemporary Work In the 1990s and 2000s, Flack had a fair amount of work commissioned. At one point, she was commissioned to create a statue of Catherine of Braganza, the British queen after whom the New York City borough of Queens was named; the project met with several objections and was never completed. More recently, her statues Recording Angel  and  Colossal Head of Daphne  (both completed between 2006 and 2008) were commissioned by and installed in Nashville, Tennessee. Audrey Flacks Recording Angel statue stands outside the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee.   Raymond Boyd / Getty Images In more recent years, Flack has returned to her roots. Finding the photorealist movement rather â€Å"restricting,† she shifted back to Baroque influences. She wrote a book in 1986, collecting her thoughts on art and being an artist. Flack has also taught and lectured both in America and abroad. Currently, she is an honorary professor at George Washington University and a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She is based out of New York, where she splits her time between New York City and Long Island. Sources Blumberg, Naomi and Ida Yalzadeh. â€Å"Audrey Flack: American Painter and Sculptor.† Encyclopaedia Britannica,, Audrey.  Art Soul: Notes on Creating, New York, Dutton, 1986.Morgan, Robert C. â€Å"Audrey Flack and the Revolution of Still Life Painting.† The Brooklyn Rail, 5 Nov. 2010,

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The Misrepresentation Of Minorities For The Mainstream...

The misrepresentation of minorities for the sake of the mainstream film industry has existed since the foundation of the Hollywood industry. While the industry favors the white male as the ideal for audiences to cheer towards victory, those who once played both racist and stereotypical characters are now taking the opportunity to speak out against the mainstream ideal. Out of the several minority groups working to change the definition of mainstream media to favor minorities, â€Å"†¦ the recent expansion of Asian-American roles on television has paradoxically ushered in a new generation of actors with just enough star power and job security to speak more freely about Hollywood’s larger failures†(Hess). Unfortunately, the mainstream film industry seems to continually work against the sense of positioning minorities into leading roles, or much of any role in the big blockbusters Hollywood, and other mainstream productions, bank upon each year. The Asian male has lon g been the victim of racism, misrepresentation, and emasculation by the mainstream, and it continues to exist. Although, films are coming out, mostly from independent filmmakers, that counteract the racist Hollywood foundation, even if it’s in a very small degree. One film to have been held up as an opposition to this victimization of the mainstream film industry, Better Luck Tomorrow, directed by Justin Lin. By using an all Asian cast of young men to tell a coming of age story, Better Luck Tomorrow is praised forShow MoreRelatedLatino Gender And Gender Diversity1560 Words   |  7 Pagesfor only 4.9% of the roles in the top 100 films of the year. From the beginning, Hollywood had always been dominated by white men and women. However, as time progressed there was a very slight change in cultural and ethnic diversity. Though it is more likely now than ever to find a Latino or Latina in a Hollywood film, their roles are often small, stereotypical, and almost entirely unimport ant. As if it wasn’t hard enough to get any role in any Hollywood film regardless of ethnicity, Latinos have toRead MoreMedia s Influence On Gender Relations And Sexuality1230 Words   |  5 Pages(Bonvillain, 1995, 210). Mass media, in their turn, portrayed gender relations and sexuality according to the dominant cultural view on gender relations and sexuality. This is why it is possible to trace the evolution of those views through the analysis of films, for example, created in different time. At the same time, media have always had a considerable impact on the society, its cultural norms and values, including the development of gender-related biases and stereotypes which were accepted and promotedRead MoreFilm, Art And Literature Essay1338 Words   |  6 Pagessociety, many of us are able to retrace historical patterns through television, film, art and literature. The development of cinematic film and moving images in the nineteenth and twentieth century has proven to be a very influential tool to engage mass amounts of people. Motion picture serve as a gateway to fantasies, allowing audiences to enter a world filled with various types of characters and vivid scenes. Films have also been utilized to transmit truths about humanity in a way that is easierRead MoreGendered Medi The Influence Of Media On Views Of Gender, By Julia T. Wood1405 Words   |  6 PagesThey believe the industry is in need of â€Å"leaders† meaning â€Å"heroes† who are willing to take a step forward to increase the percentage of women on and off screen. To put it another way, women are highly needed in television to represent an environment of equal opportunity for both sex. However, the majority of women that are currently represented on television are Caucasian female. Additionally, there’s still an absence of diversity and inclusion as there’s not a lot of minority group being portrayedRead MoreComic Books And Their Influence On Society1626 Words   |  7 Pagesalthough comics and their adaptations have a history of contradicting this reality. Comic books and their related renditions have often overlooked minority characters, like influential media has a tendency to, without regard to their audience (Aucoin, 2014). Superheroes have become an integral part of popular (pop) culture: the cultural preference of the mainstream populace, which holds considerable command on cultural and moral values of a society (Crossman, 2014). Because superheroes have such a powerfulRead MoreAsian Americans And Asian American Actors311 2 Words   |  13 Pagesthe media industry when the original â€Å"Siamese Twins† Chang and Eng Bunker became naturalized citizens of America. Roles in television and other media were scarce for Asian Americans, only available roles were very stereotypical. Early Asian American actors such as Bruce Lee and Sessue Hayakawa could only land stereotypical supporting roles in prime time television. While minority actors have progress through the years, Asian Americans in the media remains an issue. The misrepresentation of AsiansRead MoreAnalysis Of The Film Blaxploitation Films And Chappelle s Show 1633 Words   |  7 Pagesexploited the cultures and stereotypes of Native American’s and African Americans for the sole purpose of profit and increased entertainment value. In American society, there has been the era of â€Å"Blaxploitation films† in which African American’s society was shown through raunchy and low budget films. Sports teams, colleges, and p ublic schools have turned Native Americans into an irresponsible excuse of a mascot the can offend and can be considered disrespectful by those in their society while being calledRead More Latinos, Politics, and American Cinema Essay3885 Words   |  16 PagesLatinos, Politics, and American Cinema Feature films in the United States influence American viewers attitudes on a wide variety of topics. Americans attitudes toward politics are shaped by films, and specifically the politics of racial interaction. The history of modern feature films begins with Birth of a Nation (1915), a film that misrepresents the Black race by justifying the existence and role of the Ku Klux Klan in American society. From this racist precedent, producers and directorsRead More Discrimination and Misrepresentation of Minority Races in Film2457 Words   |  10 PagesDiscrimination and Misrepresentation of Minority Races in Film Racists often believe that alternative races are inferior. Stuart Hall, an expert in the field of cultural studies who is also interested in media studies, believes that it is difficult to completely eliminate race as a floating signifier because it is impossible to remove the obvious physical differences of distinct races. These distinctions are made increasingly aware by filmmakers to their audiences in such films as West Side StoryRead MoreEssay about Multiculturalism in America3204 Words   |  13 Pagesmulticulturalists. Unfortunately, the advertising industry and intellectual print journalism reflect these attitudes. Print advertisements often reinforce ethnic stereotyping, use provocative racial imagery, or exploit those with â€Å"exotic† appearances. Perceptions about culture in America held by those in intellectual print journalism, like the widely disseminated New York Times, Atlantic Monthly and The Nation follow and are often derived from those of mainstream America. Rarely do these entities attempt

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The teaching assistants role in developing childrens learning Free Essays

The function of the Teaching Assistant has changed significantly in recent old ages ( Cheminais, 2008 ) and has, due to the authoritiess 2003 enterprise to alter the staffing construction within schools ( OfSTED. , 2004 ) , led to legion publications and surveies refering the effectivity of these alterations. Historically, learning helpers, or aides as they were sometimes once known, ( Clayton, 1993 ) were non learning grownups who helped qualified instructors by transporting out twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours administrative undertakings, and provided pastoral attention to kids. We will write a custom essay sample on The teaching assistants role in developing childrens learning or any similar topic only for you Order Now Several old ages subsequently the Government ( LGC. , 1998 ) outlined proposals for using a greater figure of support staff in order to supply even more support for students and instructors. They besides announced suggestions for a â€Å" more effectual usage of, and better preparation for, learning helpers and other school support staff † which, along with a subsequent OfSTED reappraisal, ( 2002a, p6 ) declared the demand for preparation that would, â€Å" fit any proposed construction of makings and to ease calling patterned advance. † The execution of national occupational criterions for learning helpers, approved in 2001, and the HLTA position introduced in 2003, ( TDA. , 2008 ) , offered committed support staff the chance to get the accomplishments to go more complete pedagogues. In other words, working as a instruction helper had become a calling, and so began the existent argument about the function of the instruction helper. In my experience, the rubric of ‘teaching helper ‘ is interpreted in a assortment of ways. Nevertheless, a common subject that I have encountered is that most learning helpers have the possible to be effectual pedagogues and are hence of import elements in the development of independent larning. How good this potency is utilized, nevertheless, is less clear and depends on the employer ‘s reading of the function along with appropriate preparation and development chances ( Department for Education and Skills, 2000, pp15-16 ) . In order to develop acquisition, learning helpers ought to hold a good apprehension of how kids learn. Piaget ( Slavin, 1994a ) , described the procedure as the creative activity of new thoughts by accommodating those already known. This was followed by Vygotsky ‘s claims ( Slavin, 1994b, p49 ) that kids move between zones when larning. He describes this as them traveling out of their comfort zone and towards their possible via their â€Å" zone of proximal development † through the usage of societal interaction. In order to incite this patterned advance, grownups need to supply chances for treatment and geographic expedition between kids and themselves. This besides has the possible to enable kids to detect and research linguistic communication, besides critical to a kid ‘s advancement ( Bruner, 1983, pp 64-66 ) . A instruction helper must be cognizant of the student ‘s current degree of apprehension and so cognize how to â€Å" scaffold † new larning . They must besides cognize when to retreat support to enable the kid to construct on, win and be responsible for their ain advancement. Furthermore, with current category sizes in the part of up to 30 students, a category instructor may be unable to offer such an single attack to turn toing the theories of the philosophers, and so it could be considered the function of the skilled instruction helper to make this. During my recent study of loath readers, carried out as a preliminary to the debut of an enterprise to advance reading, I discovered that the students had formulated an sentiment that reading was a job to be undertaken with animus and merely when instructed to make so. It became evident that these kids had encountered a assortment of barriers that had influenced their attitude and ability to read [ See Appendix A ] . Many of these barriers are authoritative illustrations of Erikson ‘s â€Å" Industry versus Inferiority Crisis † ( Slavin, 1994c, p56 ) , whereby outside influences have contributed towards a student organizing a negative ego image of themselves as readers. In order to get the better of this, the students needed the support of an â€Å" enabling grownup † as described by Chambers ( 1991 ) . This provided them with a function theoretical account, a positive attitude towards reading and an chance to portion and discourse reading experiences. This inspir ed in them a new willingness and enjoyment of reading, the result of which became evident in their apprehension of written text. The kids besides began composing with enthusiasm, utilizing their ain cognition and experiences ; as a consequence, they had taken control of their ain acquisition. The kids ‘s responses to the inaugural [ See Appendix B ] , demonstrated that they felt empowered by the fact that they were detecting new linguistic communication for themselves ( Gross, 1992a ) and were straight responsible for the advancement that they were doing. These rules apply to all kids, although some kids with SEN necessitate a higher degree of support traditionally provided by learning helpers ( Alborz et al, 2009 ) . This has antecedently been an country for argument with The Daily Telegraph ( 2009 ) printing an article claiming that research shows that, â€Å" Students make less advancement in schoolrooms where schools employ more teaching helpers † . The article states that learning helpers frequently support lower attaining students, ensuing in them being less supported by a qualified instructor and to them doing limited advancement, although it does non look to take into history the preparation of the instruction helpers. While reexamining the impact of work force remodeling, a study by OfSTED ( 2004 ) stated that when a instruction helper is appointed to work with carefully chosen students and is provided with the appropriate preparation to make so efficaciously, the students make important advancement. This is every bit good as the obvious benefits of supplying the instructor with more clip to concentrate on other students. In a recent observation of a twelvemonth 5 category, it was obvious that the usage of a instruction helper to supply kids with linguistic communication troubles with individualized, single aid benefited the targeted students and the category as a whole. The support enabled the kids to entree the course of study in a mainstream schoolroom while leting the category instructor to concentrate on the bulk of the students. The instruction helper ‘s intercession involved the re-enforcing of the whole category instruction, simplification of vocabulary and offering congratulations, encouragement and feedback on the undertaking. The support gave the students the assurance to take part in category treatments and enabled them to see new linguistic communication in context ; a critical facet of developing new constructs ( Gross, 1992b ) . Following the lesson, the instruction helper besides provided the instructor with appraisal and monitoring feedback to enable appraisal of and for larning . This appraisal has become a important portion of the function of the instruction helper and supports the instructor and student by enabling distinction and personalised larning to go every twenty-four hours pattern ( Kay, 2005 ) . Guidance published by the NFER ( 2002, cited in Department for Education and Skills, 2005, p.22 ) found that when instructors and learning helpers work in partnership, the consequences are a more effectual degree of learning and larning. An illustration of this is a scenario I have experienced late where a skilled instruction helper supported the acquisition of the bulk of the category while the category instructor focused on the kids with SEN. As a consequence of the instructor and instruction helper holding spent clip working together to be after the lesson, the instruction helper was able to help students in their accomplishment of the acquisition aims. By implementing a combination of all of these attacks and with effectual preparation and counsel, learning helpers can supply priceless support for all kids within any lesson. Supporting behaviour direction and supplying an alternate degree of perceptual experience within the schoolroom are besides cardinal facets of being an effectual instruction helper. In day-to-day Literacy lessons, I have observed a instruction helper back uping a student with ADHD and have no uncertainty that without her presence, the category instructor would hold to pass a big proportion of the lesson settling the kid and turn toing low degree distractions. Personal experience has shown me that kids with emotional or behavioral troubles respond positively to the support of a instruction helper with whom they can hammer a good grownup / kid relationship. This can lend towards the societal and emotional well-being of the kid as outlined in a reappraisal by Alborz et Al. ( 2009 ) ; nevertheless he besides found that this type of intercession does hold the possible to make a barrier between the supported kids, their equals and instructors. The instruction helper ‘s must, hence, h ave a good apprehension of the students demands in order to forestall this. Besides the chance to back up kids ‘s larning during lesson clip, learning helpers continue to transport out administrative undertakings in order to back up the category instructor and the school as a whole. The National Agreement ( ATL et al. 2003, p.2 ) , implemented as portion of the authoritiess workforce remodelling enterprise, states that instructors should non pass their clip transporting out administrative duties that do non do full usage of their accomplishments and expertness, but that these undertakings should be completed by support staff. The defined undertakings include the readying of schoolroom resources and puting up of shows. These responsibilities must besides, hence, be considered the duty of the instruction helper. Many of the administrative duties have an impact on the physical milieus, and hence contribute towards ( Primary National Strategy, 2004 ) making a positive ethos and the creative activity of a successful acquisition environment. In pattern, neve rtheless, the demand for learning helpers to be more involved in the bringing of lessons agencies that they have less clip for transporting out administrative responsibilities which relays these responsibilities back into the custodies of the instructors ( OfSTED, 2002b, p8 ) . In my experience, learning helpers offer unconditioned support for the school in which they are employed. Many carry out responsibilities beyond their on the job hours, supplying curriculum enrichment activities and on a regular basis being at the head of fund raising events. They often are able to supply a connexion between parents, local communities and their schools as they frequently live in close propinquity to their workplace. This is a valuable portion of their function as it enables learning staff to be cognizant of local issues and provides a nexus between parents and schools ( Logan, E. A ; Feiler, A. 2006 ) . In decision, a instruction helper ‘s function is to offer individualized acquisition, pastoral attention and administrative aid. They encourage good acquisition by supplying priceless differentiated larning support to persons and groups of students. Skilled teaching helpers promote enjoyment and accomplishment in a safe, nurturing environment while lending to the academic and emotional well-being of all kids. They set up positive relationships with parents and assist students to go successful members of the school and wider community. ( 1639 words ) How to cite The teaching assistants role in developing childrens learning, Essay examples

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Business Research Analysis Challenges In Oversees Management

Question: Discuss about the Business Research Analysis Challenges In Oversees Management. Answer: Introduction The quality of learning, prosperity, productivity,management and operation of the organization depends on the knowledge and experience of the entrepreneurs (Bandura, 1977, p. 100). The level of experience and knowledge among entrepreneurs depend on their learning process and the learning process depends on reflection (Bass, 2012, p. 166). Despite having, more benefits of entrepreneurs carrying businesses overseas there are challenges of the managing this business at different regions that may hinder prosperity if not addressed. Therefore, reflecting on what we have learned will help us determine the usefulness and effectiveness of managing business activities overseas, draw judgments on observations and opinions made in the process of learning, ways in which it will be useful in the course, career, general life and program and application of reflection learning in future. This research will help us bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and knowledge application through practice to help in growth and productivity. The major objective this research is to determine challenges of managing overseas businesses and a solution to problems. This research will help to bridge the gap between the past and current experiences through theoretical knowledge and knowledge application in practice to help in growth and productivity. For any business to succeed, the following objectives will serve the purpose in our research: To determine the challenges managers are facing in the process of growing their markets overseas. To determine the importance of learningmanagement course in terms of program, career and general life. To determine solutions necessary to manage issues overseas. To determine how and where to apply the knowledge acquired in future activities. Literature Review ManagementLearning Learning is the process of gaining knowledge, skills, and ability to do something. Learning occurs naturally and knowledge comes from experimental and personal experience (Bolton, 2010, p. 64). Learning starts in early childhood life. Some people learn theoretically and others through practice. It involves engaging and transforming mind (Bound, 1983, p. 176). There is a relationship between communication and learning process. Learning involves the exchange of experiences and knowledge. Learning develops and builds from reflection. Learners always use new experience, observe others, conceptualize and experiment decisions. It involves emotional and cognitive information from tactile, auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. Reflection happened when we link current situation with the previous situation. Reflection uses learning and insights from the past.Management provides knowledge on business, economics, finance and marketing (Chickering, 1977, p. 45). Management learning offers an opportunity for further projects. Management begins with setting goals, career assessments and coordination of employees efforts. Management also refers to people in leadership. The aim of the topic is organization leadership and social development. In most organizations, there are different levels including senior managers, who make strategic plans and decision making, middle managers who communicate strategies and supervisors oversee workers tasks and giving direction to the factors of production, management is one of them. Management is the basis of innovation and marketing. It relates more on the learner and learning environment. From Aristotle, we learn by doing things. Teaching is very important since it motivates peo ple to work. When the learner has an interest in developing new ideas it makes learning effect fully. Kolb model of learning is based on the individual where one has to observe and interact with the environment as opposed to reading from books (Felicia, 2011, p. 300). Therefore, one gets knowledge through experiments and discoveries instead of just hearing. It requires the learner to initiate the process. Challenges managing overseas businesses Lack of managerial knowledge and skills managers lack necessary knowledge and skills to manage employees overseas. People from different countries differ in terms of language and therefore managers need to apply necessary skills to curb this problem. They need to initiate a platform through which people communicate freely by having interpreters and video conferences to assist convey the same information to different people. Availability is difficult for manager and staff to share knowledge and skills among people from different regions. Distance and time are the factors affecting communication managers should organize teleconferences to reduce time wastage as well as allow sharing of knowledge. Culture conflicts differences in culture make it difficult to interpret the likes and dislikes of different people this hinders growth. Therefore managers should hold cross-cultural meetings to train and address these cultural differences. This will help people understand each one's culture. Slow decision-making decision making is slow due to different geographical areas. A lot of time is wasted organizing meetings to discuss issues in order to make decisions. Having teleconferences and representatives from each country in formulating policies will help make quick decisions. Management skills and knowledge in Course/program Management is theoretical as well as practical in day to day activities. One is able to build good relationships globally by gaining business skills and techniques as well as how to apply them in real life. We are confident that whatever we learn will have a positive impact when it comes to application. One can be able to combine all related courses to achieve their learning goals. Career Managers learn with the assurance that they are going to put in practice immediately after completion of course. One is able to specialize in a selected area and have necessary skills to do a particular job involving expertise. General life Managers are equipped with practical knowledge and skills as well as knowledge in areas of technicality. One is able to apply skills globally since businesses are everywhere in the world today. Importance of learning management Experience is the first process of learning and observation makes managers identify what is succeeding and falling. This will assist managers to improve a new attempt to solve a problem or make a decision. Provide a solution for making judgments to problems relating to the businesses It increases productivity due to learning from experience and build managers confidence Managers are able to develop more skills when they do practice. It deepens the knowledge of the managers in the business Forms the basis of new ideas in real situations. Ways in which reflective learning process will be useful It will provide an opportunity for learners to interact well with the diverse group. One is able to gain knowledge that is more creative when they interact with other groups. Reflective learning will offer conditions necessary for supporting learning and therefore entrepreneurs are motivated especially when they know the importance of what they are doing. Provide an opportunity to business people to have experience of managers position (Larrivee, 2000, p. 266). Application of Skills and Knowledge in Future Course and program It will benefit managers to build good relationships with employees of different communities from different countries. It increases thinking and reduces emotional changes. Career Reflective learning will provide an opportunity for managers to be competent in achieving prepares them for career purposes and responsibility. It will produce self-directed managers who are able to identify what they already know, what they do not to know and how do they should learn. They transfer previous knowledge to the current situation. General life It will be helpful in improving happiness and personal fulfillment since we can understand our personality better. Suggestions to Management There should be a link between learning by experience and learning by practice to ensure performance. Organise training and meetings to help attain goals Dedicate a lot of time on thinking about work and life. Justification of Research In the current world growth and diversity in experience is the key factor. Through reflection, entrepreneurs are able to gain more knowledge and skills to best manage their organizations (Baumgartner, 2007, pp. 230-245). For them to operate effectively they need previous learning to link with current learning. Due to the rapid expansion of businesses, managers will be able to gain necessary skills and ability to use those skills in order to effectively perform their duties. Conclusion Case studies and surveys were conducted among 500 entrepreneurs to analyse the usefulness involved in the reflective learning process of managing overseas businesses (Lawrence, 2014, p. 435). The data will be analysed using MS Excel and statistical (SPSS). The research will help know the challenges of the reflective learning process and thereby providing a solution through critical analysis of benefits of reflection in the management. The knowledge and skills obtained will benefit other entrepreneurs by provides an opportunity to interact well with people from the diverse environment. It will offer conditions necessary for supporting and sharing information among different entrepreneurs. They will be motivated especially when they know the importance of managing business overseas. Lastly, provide an opportunity to business people to have experience of managers position. There are several benefits of reflection in learning management as well as challenges involved. Possible solutions have been provided (Moon, 2004, p. 322). One of the challenges of reflective learning in management is a lack of knowledge, availability, slow decision making and culture conflicts. Where managers with Low intelligent do not effectively manage others, they cannot apply what they learned before. With reflection learning, many companies are expanding towards the global world and ensuring prosperity in businesses. Change in business structures influence the relationships and how people work at different levels of the organisations. There has to be a link between learning through practice and theoretical knowledge and therefore they require the conducive environment to learn and apply those skills. It is crucial for the business to think logically and identify plans and justification n ecessary for operation (Bound, 1983, p. 55). References Bandura, A., 1977. Social Learning Theory. 3rd ed. Prentice Hall: Englewood CLIFFS. Bass, R., 2012. The Problem of Learning in Higher Education. Disrupting Ourselves. Baumgartner, L., 2007. Learning in Adulthood:a Comprehensive Guide. inc ed. San Fransisco: John Wiley and Sons. Bolton, 2010. Reflective Practice, Writing and Professional Development. 3rd ed. California: SAGE. Bound, D. W., 1983. Using Experience for Learning. 3rd ed. Bristol: Open University Press. Brookfield, S., 1995. Becoming a Critical Reflective Teacher. 3r ed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Chickering, A., 1977. Experience and Learning. Change Magazine Press, p. 63. Felicia, P., 2011. Handbook of Research on Improving Learning and Motivation. new ed. London: ISBN. Kolb, D., 1984. Experimental Learning as the Science of Learning and Development. 1st ed. Prentice Hall: Englewood. Larrivee, B., 2000. Transforming Teaching Practice: Becoming the Critically Reflective Teacher, Reflective Practice. 3 ed. San Fransisco: Sage. Lawrence, W. L. A., 2014. The Reflective Practioner in Professional Education. Macmillan ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave. Moon, J., 2004. A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning:Theory and Practice. new ed. London: Routledge Falmer.